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Stations with Truck Parking
Stations with Truck Washing
Open specific ARIS subnetwork by click on marker sign
Description of markers
ARIS company own stations
Partners discount station
Partners discount station
ARIS partners stations
Station temporary closed
by click on this sign open a stations claster in the region of this sign, number of stations in the claster is shown on the sign.
Average speed:
Fuel consumption:
To get station info
  • Click on the station sign to get info and current prices.
How to set a route?
  • Specify the average consumption of fuel over 100 km.
  • Set the beginning and the end of a route.
  • Add intermediate points.
How to enter locations along the route:
  • Address: city, street, building etc.
  • Station number in ARIS network
  • GPS coordinates in a format 50.81943,15.43835