Freight search engine

Truck-and-freight-related search engine for ARIS customers

Fuel Company ARIS provides freight forwarding services, offering cargoes on different routes in Russia and Europe. Also, our company organizes full process of cargo transportation using trucks of our customers.
Nowadays, the company ARIS representatives operate in Latvia, Poland and Russia. Currently we provide services in Europe and the CIS countries with main focus on cargoes from central Europe and the Baltic region to Russia, as well as the return cargoes from Russia to Europe.

We pride ourselves on having partners in virtually every country in Europe and the CIS. Due to the fact that ARIS customers are capable of delivering cargoes to different parts of the world, various logistics companies and cargo owners are interested in the European and Russian transport companies using by ARIS fuel cards. Besides, every carrier is interested in receiving new offers in freight exchange.

ARIS freight exchange offers a number of benefits and advantages:

Quick search for the freight exchange in the direction appropriate for the carrier
Priority is always given to carriers that are ARIS card clients
We work only with direct cargo owners, as a result, we can provide competitive rates on transportation services
Flexible payment terms.

More detailed information can be obtained by contacting our representatives in Latvia (Riga)  +37167718986