Choice of a route in ARIS network

Choice of a route in the ARIS network of petrol stations
using maps of

By click on a marker of a petrol station there appears the information on this station - number of the station, is open or closed, current price of fuel and GPS coordinates.

  This service allows you:
  • To find a route on Google Maps and its detailed description,
  • To determine full distance of a route and distance to the nearest petrol station of ARIS network,
  • To determine average speed and time in a way,
  • To estimate the average consumption of fuel on a route, calculate average prices and costs of refuelling in region by click on sign .

    How to set a route?
  • Specify the average consumption of fuel on 100 km.
  • Set initial and final points of a route.
  • Add intermediate points.

    Variants of input of points:
  • The geographical name of a point (for example, start of a route Warsaw, the end - Berlin),
  • Number of the petrol station in ARIS network (for example, start of a route 2121, the end - 1207),
  • GPS coordinates in a format 50.81943,15.43835.

By means of a key it is possible to set intermediate points on a route.
By click on the link "Description of the route!" - detailed description of the route in standard of Google Maps or Yandex maps opens.

For printing of the map and description of the route click 'File' => 'Print Preview' => press together on keyboard keys Alt+L to select type of printing 'Landscape' => click on the button 'Print'.